Our earth, the blue planet, holds 97% salt water and 3% fresh water. Almost all of that 3% is polluted.

So how did it get so polluted? Here are some of the reasons.

  1. Emissions from our vehicles and the burning of fossil fuels rise up into the atmosphere and pollute our clouds.
  2. Run off from our factories, construction sites and agricultural centers pollute nearby bodies of water and also seep into and pollute the ground water.
  3. When we throw out plastics, batteries or household items that have chemicals in them, these items end up in our landfills. Over time the chemicals from these items end up getting into our soil and then polluting our ground water.
  4. Pesticides get into our soil which can then get into our ground water.
  5. Leaks from city sewage systems, septic systems, underground storage tanks that contain gasoline can all get into our water supply